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Discord invite link !
Cook's Assistant Quest Guide EmptySat Sep 01, 2018 12:21 am by Art
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Few words about us
Cook's Assistant Quest Guide EmptyTue Jul 24, 2018 5:25 pm by Art
Hello dear friends,

Art-RSC is a server made for the purpose of having a fun time togather, for some of us it's a place where to forget about all the hardships of life and bring back some of the childhood moments when we did not care about anything but for others can be a place where to start their gaming adventure. Togather with Merder and Iocucoasa1 which are two of my best friends decided …

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Subscription benefits
Cook's Assistant Quest Guide EmptyFri Aug 03, 2018 10:44 am by Art
Subscription fee is 5$/month and it apply just for 1 account !

Accepted payment methods : Paypal

By being subscriber you will get the following benefits :

1. 20 minutes AFK time instead of 10 minutes (for normal players);

2. 0.5x higher xp rates than normal accounts;

3. Access to 2 new islands for training and skilling which can be reached by typeing ::island;

*** NOTE : There …

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 Cook's Assistant Quest Guide

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Cook's Assistant Quest Guide Empty
PostSubject: Cook's Assistant Quest Guide   Cook's Assistant Quest Guide EmptyMon Aug 13, 2018 9:17 am

Start: Go to Lumbridge Castle. Talk to the cook; tell him that you will help.

Difficulty: 1/5

Length: Short (If you bring the items needed you only need to talk to the cook two times to complete the quest)

Requirements: None

Items needed:
(These items can all be obtained during the quest)

Monsters to kill: None


Speak with the Cook on Lumbridge Castle's. He will tell the player that he needs ingredients to make a cake for the Duke of Lumbridge's birthday. He wants the player to retrieve flour, milk, and an egg, and to bring those items back to him. Before you set off and collect your ingredients, purchase a bucket from the nearby General Store.

Obtaining milk

To obtain milk, you simply have to use a bucket on a Cow. You can simply purchase a bucket from the General Store north of the castle. Cows can be found by following the path that leads north-west out of Lumbridge.

Obtaining flour

Now, to obtain flour, follow the path that leads north-west out of Lumbridge. Go past the chicken farm and you'll see a field of wheat. Right-click on one and pick it, you'll obtain grain. Now, go into the windmill beside the field and go to the top floor. Use the grain on the hopper, and then operate it. The grain will go down the chute to the bottom of the windmill, so head there. At the bottom, you should see a pile of flour in the centre of the room. Simply click on the pile of flour, and you now have flour in your inventory.

Obtaining an egg

Eggs can be found to the north-east of Lumbridge. Cross the bridge going across river and follow the path north. After a little while, you will come across a chicken farm on the west side of the path. Beside the little coup is a single egg item spawn. Pick it up, and if you now have all the items the cook needs, head back to him. The map is incorrect, the egg is located in the coop right next to where you get the bucket of milk from the cows.


Once you have all three ingredients, speak to the cook in the castle. He'll take the ingredients and thank you for helping him, completing one of the easiest quests in the game.


1 Quest Point
Cooking experience: Based on xp rate
Access to the Cook's Range in Lumbridge Castle
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Cook's Assistant Quest Guide
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