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Runescape Classic Private Server 2022 - COMING SOON
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Discord invite link !
Runecrafting tutorial EmptySat Sep 01, 2018 12:21 am by Art
Click here to join Discord channel

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Few words about us
Runecrafting tutorial EmptyTue Jul 24, 2018 5:25 pm by Art
Hello dear friends,

Art-RSC is a server made for the purpose of having a fun time togather, for some of us it's a place where to forget about all the hardships of life and bring back some of the childhood moments when we did not care about anything but for others can be a place where to start their gaming adventure. Togather with Merder and Iocucoasa1 which are two of my best friends decided …

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Subscription benefits
Runecrafting tutorial EmptyFri Aug 03, 2018 10:44 am by Art
Subscription fee is 5$/month and it apply just for 1 account !

Accepted payment methods : Paypal

By being subscriber you will get the following benefits :

1. 20 minutes AFK time instead of 10 minutes (for normal players);

2. 0.5x higher xp rates than normal accounts;

3. Access to 2 new islands for training and skilling which can be reached by typeing ::island;

*** NOTE : There …

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 Runecrafting tutorial

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PostSubject: Runecrafting tutorial   Runecrafting tutorial EmptyTue Aug 14, 2018 11:44 am

Hello, as you know we just released the Runecrafting option. To be able to craft runes you must train your Crafting skill. Your Crafting level will decide how many runes you can craft from 1 essence.To make runes you just need to use the Rune Essences on Altars and that's all.

 Altar locations

1. Air-rune altar - South of Falador

2. Fire-rune altar - Al Kharid Desert

3. Earth-rune altar - N-E of Varrock (between Varrock & Dig Site Camp)

4. Body-rune altar - S-W of Edgeville

5. Mind-rune altar - North of Falador (on the road to wild)

6. Water-rune altar - Lumbridge Swamp

7. Chaos-rune altar - lvl 9 wild N of Edgeville

8. Cosmic-rune altar - White Wolf Ice Mountain

9. Nature-rune altar - N-E of Shilo Village

10. Law-rune altar - Wild lvl 27, N of Varrock

11. Death-rune altar - Wild lvl 52, E of Mage Arena

12. Blood-rune altar - Wild lvl 52, W of Mage Arena

13. Soul-rune altar - N-W of Yanille

Runecrafting tutorial Air10

Runecrafting tutorial Fire10

Runecrafting tutorial Water10

Runecrafting tutorial Earth10

Runecrafting tutorial Body10

Runecrafting tutorial Mind10

Runecrafting tutorial Chaos10

Runecrafting tutorial Law10

Runecrafting tutorial Nature10

Runecrafting tutorial Cosmic10

Runecrafting tutorial Death10

Runecrafting tutorial Blood10

Runecrafting tutorial Soul10
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Runecrafting tutorial
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